Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Weekend

National Quilting Day turned into a weekend at Fabric Quilt Scissors.  I love spending time there with my friends.  They had a shop hop during the weekend and I agreed to work (but, I use that term lightly).  I love cutting fabric for the customers but, the only problem with that is...I touch fabric that I wasn't planning on buying.  You know that if I touch it, it's mine!  So, I accidentally bought fabric for a new project.  My dear good friend Kathy told me that I don't have to add it to my UFO list if I start working on it right away and get it finished.  So, we decided to stay after work last night and into the morning.

My project began with the idea of double hourglass blocks.

They really weren't doing it for me so, I changed my mind.  (hummm, what to do with 15 blocks?  Maybe the next guild auction.)  I already had the strips cut so my options were a little bit limited.
So, I got all the blocks finished last night and maybe I'll work on it some more today.
P.S.  Since I finished binding the baby quilt and I bought a new project, my UFO number is still at 71.

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