Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red & White BOM #9

Just three more months to go!  This will be a nice project to work on after the Christmas rush.  All the sashings will already be done but the borders are going to be pieced.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Half way

I've finished half of the blocks.  This project is going together very quickly.  Love that!
I hope to work on it some more tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New project

Here is a block from my newest project.  I'm not really sure what the pattern is called.  I always thought it was a disappearing nine patch but the lady at the quilt shop called it a fractured nine patch.

I'm using Terrain by Kate Spain charm packs from Moda and a couple of other fabrics from my stash.
Here's how it begins...
Start with a nine patch.  Then...
Cut in half both directions.  Then...
Flip two corners.  Then, sew them back together.
My quilt will have a couple of different colors because I didn't have quite enough of either color.
Here are my orange nine patches.  I'll have 18 pink.

I think I'm getting my groove back. 

Red & White BOM #8

I didn't realize how quickly this month went by.  This is block #8 and it is already time to pick up my next block.  I am usually on the ball with these because they are so quick and easy.  I'm just not sure what happened to the month.
I will be starting in on another block of the month soon.  It is a Halloween applique design by Amy Bradley.  The blocks will be finished a month or two before next year's holiday so we will have time to finish it.  It is another BOM through Fabric Quilt Scissors shop.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dresden Plate Pillow

This is my Dresden Plate pillow.  It is made with Flutterby fabric (except for the center).

I've never done a dresden plate before.  This was a bunch of firsts because I've never done a circle or prairie points either.  I had a template for the blades but I made my own circle and just zigzagged it on.  And I kind of faked the prairie points.  I'm sure they are not perfect but it's fine for a pillow that will probably get dirty fast with my boys.

One down.  One more to go.  Then, I still have the original quilt that I started with this and then got side tracked.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I went to Edyta Sitar's house!

Edyta's husband Michael took pictures for us.
Left to Right Edyta, Kathy (the reason I got to go) and Me 

I just love Edyta.  She is almost my new best friend lol she just doesn't know it yet!
I could really enjoy living at her house.  She has a beautiful studio in her "barn".  And, behind her house is a field of hay.  Now, anyone that knows me knows that I love a good field of circle hay!  My kids point it out to me on trips like I used to point out horses and cows for them.
Anyway, I had a ball going to visit her.  She has sooo many wonderful ideas.  We got to see several of her quilts and even some sneak peeks on her new ones.

I even got her to sign my quilt.  She likes to see quilts that are signed on the front like artwork.

I'm itching to start her treetop pattern now.  Or maybe the spools quilt...or...or....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Flutterby Dresden

Well, I haven't been doing much sewing this past week.  I helped my sister-in-law pack to move back to New Orleans.  And, we worked on the boys rooms...we totally emptied their rooms and had the carpets cleaned.  We still have a few things to go through and get back in their rooms.  I did manage to sneak in a mini break to sew these dresden plates together.  I have enough to make a quilt but in the process, I decided to make a couple of pillows for my couch.  The centers will be a brighter blue.

I am thinking of adding prairie points to the edge but I've never tried them before.   We'll see.  Anything has to be better than the pillows I have now.  I would show you a picture but am embarrassed by how worn they are.  We got them as a wedding gift 17 years ago (made with love by my husband's cousin).

I hope to have a finish to show you soon.