Friday, September 9, 2011

I went to Edyta Sitar's house!

Edyta's husband Michael took pictures for us.
Left to Right Edyta, Kathy (the reason I got to go) and Me 

I just love Edyta.  She is almost my new best friend lol she just doesn't know it yet!
I could really enjoy living at her house.  She has a beautiful studio in her "barn".  And, behind her house is a field of hay.  Now, anyone that knows me knows that I love a good field of circle hay!  My kids point it out to me on trips like I used to point out horses and cows for them.
Anyway, I had a ball going to visit her.  She has sooo many wonderful ideas.  We got to see several of her quilts and even some sneak peeks on her new ones.

I even got her to sign my quilt.  She likes to see quilts that are signed on the front like artwork.

I'm itching to start her treetop pattern now.  Or maybe the spools quilt...or...or....

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