Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Flutterby Dresden

Well, I haven't been doing much sewing this past week.  I helped my sister-in-law pack to move back to New Orleans.  And, we worked on the boys rooms...we totally emptied their rooms and had the carpets cleaned.  We still have a few things to go through and get back in their rooms.  I did manage to sneak in a mini break to sew these dresden plates together.  I have enough to make a quilt but in the process, I decided to make a couple of pillows for my couch.  The centers will be a brighter blue.

I am thinking of adding prairie points to the edge but I've never tried them before.   We'll see.  Anything has to be better than the pillows I have now.  I would show you a picture but am embarrassed by how worn they are.  We got them as a wedding gift 17 years ago (made with love by my husband's cousin).

I hope to have a finish to show you soon.

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