Sunday, February 8, 2015

A few more

This was a great project to work on today while I was nagging my son to work on his homework.  It's definitely a no brainer.  So, I finished six more border sections (10 done and 10 more to go).  While I was working on it, I felt like I kept seeing the same fabrics so I figured it was time to go hunt down some new additions.
I cut a new little stack of squares from scrap fabrics that I've been given.  Thank you to Priscilla, Suzi's Mom in Colorado, and John.  I found some great fabrics in the scraps they gave me.  During the search, I have decided that it's getting close to time to clean out my craft room.  It has migrated to a few other parts of the basement now.  We have a little problem with flat surfaces at my house...if we find one, stuff gets piled on it!  (notice the husband's glasses on my ironing board!!!  Aargh!)  Well, I don't think the cleaning will happen anytime soon but, at least it's on the "to do list".

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