Thursday, February 5, 2015

Adding Inventory

A couple months ago, my sister and I took a road trip to 2 Sister's Quilt Shop in Bear Lake, MI.  They were going out of business.  Wow did I spend a lot but it was a huge deal and I love their fabrics!
This is the yardage that I bought.

And these are the fat quarter bundles.

I'm looking forward to using these in a new project.
For the record, I really don't need any new projects.  I sit down with my list at the beginning of every year to see where I'm at with my WIP's.
I have 84 projects to work on.
47of those are started.
In 2014 I only finished one project.  So, this is going to have to be a big year to finish a bunch!
Here I go....

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