Monday, April 11, 2011

Mountain Top Quilt is Finished

I have finally finished my Mountain Top quilt!  The binding is on and it's ready to be nap tested!

Did I mention that I love it!  I can't believe my Husband said that he doesn't like this one!  He said he could probably sell it for about fifty bucks...and I said....
(Maybe I should skip that part)
Anyway, I'm sleeping with the quilt tonight!

Well, I think that brings my 2011 UFO #'s to
82 UFOs
-11 Finished
=71 UFOs left

P.S.  I stitched a couple more leaves over the weekend  in addition to the binding for my Mtn Top.


  1. That's a lovely quilt! Too funny,...bad, bad husband!

  2. husbands... what do they know, eh?

  3. I think it's gorgeous and what a lot of work. Sometimes those guys just say stuff to bug us. And, it usually works.