Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UFO Finishes

Sorry, I have been gone for a while.  My computer decided to take a vacation for a week.  Boy did I ever feel like I was without my right arm!  I'm glad to be back.  I guess my time away was good because I seemed to get a lot done.

Okay, I am in a couple of quilt guilds that are working on getting us to finish our UFOs.  So, I made a list of mine (I love lists!).  I am a little embarrassed to say that I have 77 UFOs (just quilts not table runners, potholders, little projects, etc.).  My mission now is to finish a lot of those projects this year.

Here are 4 baby quilts that I donated to one of my guilds.  It's quicker to quilt them when I go to my favorite neighbor's house and use her quilting machine.

And, this quilt top has been waiting to be quilted for probably about three years.  It has some of the Psalms verses on it.  I had made one for my oldest son for his confirmation but it was not so floral.  I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern (fits with the Dorothy theme don't you think?).

So, that is 5 off my total.  I am at 72 unless I buy more fabric which is what I love to do!

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