Monday, January 23, 2012


This is what obsession looks like....

There are 1,904 half square triangles.  My sister and I are exchanging to do some of the patterns from Edyta Sitar's book and she is still 616 ahead of me but, we are waiting for our quilt shop to get some more of the papers in.  Insanity!

These are the fabrics that I still have to sew.
And these are the ones I am setting aside for some time later...
Two sizes and neither can fit in the bags I started them in.
Then if that isn't enough, we joined the Edyta Sitar Fan Club and are now cutting 1 inch strips for projects from the next book...
So, today she brings up the hoarders show and gets us both thinking.  (of course she never mentions 2,520 HST or strips!)
We went to JoAnn's today and I got an awesome deal on quilt battings.  When I got home I counted all the battings that I had and added the ones that I 25 too many?  Last year I finished 24 quilts so I figure one more for good measure right?
I better get to work.

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  1. You finished 24 quilts in a year? seriously??? I'm very impressed :-D