Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Portrait Quilt in progress

This is a portrait quilt that I started in a class a while back.  I know she looks a little funny with only one eyelash.  I have been thinking about this quilt lately because I found Virginia Greaves blog about her portrait quilts and boy are they lovely.  So, I had to dig mine out to see where I left off.

 I remember now, I loved most of the process of this quilt so far.  After my first day of class, I stayed up late because I couldn't wait to see how she was turning out.  It was really beginning to look like someone!  In Jr. high and high school I took art classes and I dreaded every time that we had to do portraits because I suck at them.
I even enjoyed the tracing once I learned how to do it.
I would love to do a quilt of each of my sister's three girls (this is the youngest of the three) so, I guess I'd better get busy!

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