Monday, August 22, 2011

My name is Dorothy and I have a problem

I'm addicted to fabric!
Here are my purchases from the one stop shop hop.
(I probably would have bought more but my husband was there with me.)

First purchase, 5 fat quarters.  I have a thing for fabrics with gold...even though I haven't done anything with them yet...I'm still collecting until I have enough.  I really fell for the print of the two on top but, if I'm buying two, I might as well buy 5.  And besides, the blue has silver in it not gold!
(I'm still holding back at this point.)

Then, we (my husband and I) made it to his cousin's booth.  They own Two Sisters quilt shop in Bear Lake, MI.  Here is where I spent the most.  I had two of these lovely bundles in my hand and kept going back to the third one when my hubby plopped it in my hand.  God love him!  I knew I married him for a reason.  I just didn't know what it was until now!  I'm still not sure why he did make me happy, because it was his cousin's shop, or because he wanted to hurry this shopping experience along...but it really doesn't matter, I got my way ***grin***

Lastly, I bought these 4 fabrics in yard cuts from the shop across from us.  They were super nice people from Scrapyard Quilt Shop in Wanatah, IN.  This purchase was totally not my fault!  I blame our friend Shelley for calling me over there to ask me if a couple of fabrics matched.

Well anyway, I'm happy with what I came home with but I need to get cracking on my projects so I can play with some of my lovely fabrics.

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  1. What gorgeous fabric - particularly the rainbow bundle! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog - I couldn't reply by email (did you know you're a 'no reply' blogger?) so I copied Hansel and Gretel and followed a trail of breadcrumbs!